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June 14, 15, & 16

Evergreen Colorado is a tight-knit community and like most mountain towns, has certain events that make it tight knit. One of the biggest events is the The Evergreen Rodeo held Father's Day Weekend. The rodeo  and parade (held every year for 50 years!) has always been a big draw for residents and visitors from Denver and beyond.

CCM Events is so excited to once again add to the festive Rodeo weekend in Evergreen by presenting the Evergreen Western Art Celebration art festival June 14th, 15th, & 16th. CCM Events will present Western, Southwestern, and rustic artists to the affluent residents of Evergreen Colorado. This is a juried fine art and fine craft show. We will be accepting a maximum of 50 artists for this show. The dates for the show have been chosen carefully as this June weekend is one of the city’s most alive with events and tourists and historically has enjoyed great weather.



Evergreen Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is a perfect setting for the art festival. The area includes the cities of Evergreen, Bergen, Conifer,  Kittridge, and Morrison and has an average home value of $508,449 which is significantly above the Colorado mean of $314,200. The area includes both home-owners and visitors from Colorado and around the world. Located just west of the Denver Metro area, Evergreen is one of the most beautiful settings in Jefferson County right off I-70 in the foothills. 


3719 Evergreen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439. 


Friday 10 am to 7 pm * Saturday 11 am to 5 pm  *  Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

• Application Deadline - March 15th
• Notifications - before March 31st
• All withdrawals from the jury process must be in writing before March 16th. After March 16th if you are accepted, you will be charged for your spot.


All forms of original fine art and fine crafts. Painting, Sculpture, Metal, Glass, Printmaking/Drawing, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Jewelry, Wood, Fiber and Photography. 


4 digital images of your work and 1 image of your display. The 5th image must be an image of your display that should include the same kind of work shown in the other four images. Images must be only of the work and category to be displayed (if you wish to display more than one category, you must jury 4 images of each category and be accepted in each category applied for).

The Artist must be present to exhibit and exhibit only their own original work - No Exceptions. A Picture ID will be required at check-in. Reps will be asked to leave with forfeiture of fees. No buy/sell. Artists must design and craft all the work. Only white tents are allowed. 



A) The application fee is $35 and is non-refundable. You must send $35 for each juried category in the show. Example: If a person wants to apply in both Painting and Jewelry, make a $70 payment for the application fee. Only the categories accepted by the Jury may be displayed.

B) The space fee for this year’s show is $335. Your credit card will be charged immediately for application fees. The credit card will be charged for booth/corner fees only if you are accepted. Credit card charges will be one (1) day after the notification date.

C) Corner spaces may be requested for $75. Please include a separate check for this fee with the application. The corners will be awarded on a first come basis at the discretion of the show director. 

D) No refunds for cancellations after the app deadline date (see below) NO EXCEPTIONS.


10 x 10 feet. All spaces are outside on pavement. No inside or covered spaces are available. No electricity available.


Estimated median home value in 2016 was $508,449 which is significantly above the Colorado mean of $314,200. Estimated median household income in 2016: $98,505. Bachelor's degree or higher: 63.5% Graduate or professional degree: 30.1% * There are currently 49 homes for sale with a value of at least 1 million dollars. 

Evergreen compared to the Colorado state average:

    •    Median house value above state average.

    •    Median age above state average.

    •    Number of rooms per house above state average.

    •    Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher significantly above state average.



Management occupations (19%)

Sales and related occupations (12%)

Construction and extraction occupations (10%)

Business and financial operations occupations (7%)

Computer and mathematical occupations (7%)

Architecture and engineering occupations (6%)

The annual Rodeo weekend kicks off with a parade through downtown. The Evergreen Rodeo Parade exemplifies the fun of rodeo weekend in Evergreen. Each year, up to 100 entries including marching bands, floats, horses, carriages, antique cars and farm equipment pass by the lake and through downtown Evergreen. The fun continues with a community pancake breakfast and and finally the traditional rodeo competitions. The town buzzes all weekend long with residents and visitors alike enjoying the mountain and western atmosphere.


CCM Events - 4214 East Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220 Phone: 720-941-6088 - E-mail:


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Artis FAQ's


Where is the site of the festival?  

The  location is in the Evergreen North parking lot which looks directly  over Evergreen Parkway (CO 74), the main thoroughfare serving  Evergreen.  We borrowed the address from one of the business there so  you can Google it: 3719 Evergreen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439.

Is the show a "block off the streets" event, in a park, or other? 

This is a "block off the streets" event in a great parking lot with high visibility.

When can we load in? 

Load  in will be Thursday June 14th after 6 pm til 10 pm and you may also set up from  8:30 am to 11:30 am on Friday morning.

When do we need to be all packed up and gone on Sunday?  

9 pm Sunday night.

Do you have a version of the application you could email me or do  you have another way to get the application? 

 Just give me a call. 7209416088

When is the app deadline for this show? 

March 15th, 2019

When is the cancellation deadline for this show?
All withdrawals from the jury process must be in writing before March 16th. After March 31st if you are accepted, you will be charged for your spot.

What type of over night security will you be providing? 

Professional, licensed, and insured security person will be on site all night.

Where will patrons park?

There is parking behind the complex (pretty big lot) that I will be  using for artist and customer parking. For Saturday customer parking,  the CPA next to The Bank Of The West is not open on Saturday so  negotiating using their lot as well as negotiating with Bank Of The West  since they are open only until noon Saturday. For Sunday, both of those  plus the post office is not open either. That is 3 lots for customers.  Closest parking will depend on show layout and applications which of  course I am working on. 

Advertising Plan 2019


*** Display print advertising in The Canyon Courier ( Evergreen), the  High Timber Times (Conifer), the Clear Creek Courant (Clear Creek  County) and the Columbine Courier (South Jeffco).

About the Canyon Courier -  In October 1958, under editor and publisher Vern Manning, Smoke Signals  became the Canyon Courier, an independent weekly newspaper. The Courier  started with an ambitious goal: covering all news “from U.S. 40 on the  north to Bailey and beyond on the south, and from Mount Evans to the  east Jefferson County line.”

No one could have predicted in the late ’50s how Evergreen and that  entire area would grow in population, until finally many mountain  communities had distinct identities and sizable populations of their  own.

Today, the Courier focuses more tightly on the Evergreen area, which  has grown to become a large, thriving and economically diverse  community. Our three sister newspapers — the High Timber Times  (Conifer), the Clear Creek Courant (Clear Creek County) and the  Columbine Courier (South Jeffco) — now report on many of the areas that  the original Canyon Courier sought to cover.

Our goal as newspapers remains the same, however: unite our communities  with a reliable and local source of information, advertising and — now —  online content.

*** 250 11” x17” full color posters distributed throughout the County via CCM personnel.

*** Press releases to newspapers: The Denver Post, the High Timber Times  (Conifer), the Clear Creek Courant (Clear Creek County) and the  Columbine Courier (South Jeffco) 

*** Press releases to Denver Radio & Television Networks.

*** Float advertising the show in the Rodeo Parade.

*** CCM’s “Stretch” the stilt walker handing out tickets and getting the word out at The Rodeo Parade.

*** Facebook promoted posts – all week of the festival.

*** Lastly, is our  secrecy weapon… The Art Festival Shopping Spree. We have used this  marketing for the past 6 years at The Lake Dillon Arts Festival and it  has been a huge success. The core idea of the promotion is that posters  and flyers for an event often get ignored or thrown away. But if you are  handed an 8"x 3" full color ticket that could be worth $1000, most  likely you will keep it. Not only will you keep it but you most likely  will come to the event to see if you win. Last year in Dillon that  certainly was the case. Of the 5000 tickets printed for The Lake Dillon  Arts Festival, 2700" width="250"/> of them were in the drawing bucket. And because the  patron had to be present to win, that is a phenomenal advertisement for  the festival.

Here is how it works.
    1.    The tickets get  distributed throughout the festival area via local businesses, CCM  personnel, artists who wish to send the tickets to their core customers,  and artists who wish to hand out tickets from their booths at the show.
     2.    The ticket doesn't cost anything to the patron, but the patron  must be present at the festival on the drawing day to win.
    3.    At 2 pm on Saturday and 2 pm on Sunday we hold the drawing. CCM provides the prize money.
     4.    The winner then goes on a shopping spree at the festival from 2  pm to 5 pm.  The winner has to spend the prize that day in one or  multiple artist's booths.
Win - Win - Win - Win!

Key components of why this promotion has been such a huge success.
     1.    FREE - There is no cost to attendees to be a part of this  drawing. We, CCM, provide the prize money. The patrons simply have to be  at the show to win. Ah, but there is the real hook. They have to be at  the show to win.
    2.    OVER-SIZED TICKET- Because the ticket is  over-sized and on thick card stock, it has an appealing tactile feel at  the same time doubling as an informational flyer.
    3.    PERCEIVED  VALUE - Because the ticket could be worth $1000, the ticket holder is  more likely to keep the ticket, put it on their refrigerator, and be  reminded to  come to the show.
    4.    WORD OF MOUTH - Word of  mouth is still the most powerful source of advertising for new customers  and that is exactly what the $1000 shopping spree promotion brings.